Nowadays, you can find many things just by googling them, but you still may need a friendly service offered by humans in a foreign place. We provide such a service in Prague. We call it Prague Friendly. That´s what we want to be, helpful in Prague-friendly way.

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Are you an individual traveller who wants to enjoy Prague to the fullest? An expat planning to move here? Or maybe a specialist, artist or entrepreneur wanting to organize an event, a show or a project, looking for help, contacts and a reference point in Prague? We can be your reference point, even if you are looking for something else. We can:

– Find accomodation according to your specific wishes
– Suggest places to see and enjoy in the city
– Find the right guide or tutor (a friendly consultant) for you
– Book tickets for performances
– Enquire at offices and obtain information and permits
– Organize meetingseventsworkshops, presentationsexhibitions
– Connect you with your potential partners or audiences, share networks
– And give you all other kinds of support you need to be successful in Prague

We are two friends running together a multifunctional space with a café in a residential area near the historical center of Prague. We have a practical attitude and sound experience in public relations, event management, and incoming tourism. Prague is our home and we know the city well. At the same time, all of us have travelled and lived abroad and we know what kind of challenges people face and what support they need to feel comfortable in a foreign place. We speak various different European languages and all this makes us believe that our Prague Friendly service is really a useful thing. And many people tell us it is.

So, whether you have an enquiry, need information or a service, have in mind a project to realize, are searching for a contact, a professional local partner, or just a tip, we are here to propose a solution for you. Contact us.

Your Prague Friendly teamJitka Polanská & Jitka Švecová